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49 Holes beef meat BBQ, meat skewer tools

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Product material: Food grade ABS plastic

Product color: Blue, Green

Scope of application: Commercial, Household

Baking stick size: No less than 25cm

Characteristic: Dispels the tradition to wear the meat the worry, wears cuts together, opens the box is 49strings.

Note: This product does not have a barbecue skewers and knife.

Steps for usage

  1. First use the meat-filler cover to cut out the size of the meat-piercing device.
  2. Place the cut pieces of meat in a piece of meat, about 8cm thick.
  3. Put the baking sign on top from the top and reach the bottom hole. (Some difficult to wear, you can wear it under a little activity.)
  4. Take the cutter along the cutting knife auxiliary slot and cut in step 5 to open the box, 49 strings are done!