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Automatic Dish Scrubber

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Portable Automatic Dish Scrubber

- [ Automatially Clean The Dishes ] : A new dishwashing experience.No need to touch oil.A robotic arm that automatically cleans the dishes.
- [ Saying Time And Effort ] :  Whether it is a bowl or a plate can be tightly grasped, easy to complete the clean task.Let the washing dishes become easy to enjoy the process.Come to feel different dishwashing experience.
- [ High Quality Material ] : High quality brush detailed with anti-slid rotate whee.Durable sponge, can be replaced and clean thoroughly
-[ Easy To Operate ] : To use the unique handheld automatic dish scrubber just lock in a plate or bowl, and pull the trigger.It'll then spin the dish vigorously around while a scrubber drags itself around the dish while it spins.
- [ No Noise ] : High-quality gearing, features strong clean power and no noise
- [ Waterproof ] :  IPX5 waterproof, you can use it and not afraid of water, safe and clean

Specification :

Material  Plastic
Color  Green
Weight  1kg
Size  41.8 x 11.5 x 7 cm
Input Voltage 8.4V
Working Voltage 7.2V
Working Current 1.2A
Speed     500 Rotation / Minute
Working Time 40 Minutes ( Full Power )
Lithium Battery 1500 mAh


1.Protective. The dishwasher can grasp the dishes and clean automatically, which protects your hands from the food residue.
2.Healthy. Using this powerful motor dishwasher, you don’t need to use the dish detergent any more.
3.Environmental protection. It is energy-saving and can also save water.
4.Quick and efficient. It only takes a few seconds to wash a dish.
5.Easy and convenient to use. Just use the dishwasher to grasp the dish, and then put it under the running water to clean it.
6.Low noise. Made of aviation aluminum alloy, equipped with advanced bearing, the dishwasher works in low noise.
7.Versatile. The dishwasher can be used to wash many kitchen utensils, including the plate, bowl, fork, knife, chopsticks and so on.

Package Includes :

1 x Automatic Dish Scrubber