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Handmade Physics Desk Toy, Stress & Focus

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Color: Purple

A vortex lives in here, simply spin the gorgeous glass dome and watch it in action. The stainless steel handmade Vortex Dome is filled with rheoscopic fluid which provides a mesmerizing display when spun, a simple but effective desktop distraction. The Vortex Dome measures 200mm in diameter and is a beautiful focus or fidget toy designed for your desk.

TIP: The magnetic needles can be used to manipulate the fluid in many interesting ways.

NOTE: The fluid itself is not magnetic, but there are a few magnetic needles inside the dome which can be manipulated with the magnet provided. If the glass is murky, the easiest way to find these is to spin the glass dome.

IMPORTANT: On rare occasions a coating may appear on the inside of the glass, normally due to the postman holding the parcel upside down. This mica powder is used to produce the effects inside the dome. The fluid is not magnetic, but there are magnetic needles inside which can be moved with the magnet provided, to find them simply spin the dome - they will move to the outer edge where you can then collect with the magnet, and will then form what looks like a brush head beneath the glass. Use them to sweep away the dusting from the inside of the glass... once cleaned this will never come return.