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Magnetic Match Rings

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  • MAGNETIC FUN: Learn how magnets work! Each ring is magnetic with a positive & negative side. Stack colorful rings and make them float or stick to match your choice of over 40 different, fun challenges.
  • HOW TO PLAY: Choose a matching challenge & stack the magnetic rings to match the color pattern shown on the card. Rings that attract will snap together. Rings that repel will ''float'' on the post.
  • POPULAR PLAYTHINGS: Our aim is to create educational toys that are beneficial and fun for children. Our toys promote playful experimentation to foster an early love of learning.
  • FUN STEM TOYS: Encourage curiosity and learning through play. Magnetic Match Rings is the fun way to learn about magnetism, help develop visual matching skills, and improve eye-hand coordination.
  • DETAILS: Ideal for boys & girls ages 3 years & up. Includes 10 rings, stacking post and challenge booklet. Perfect for science experiments, teaching tools for the classroom & just good fun!