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Mount Blade Self Sharpening Tool Kit

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Fast Chain Saw Sharpener 
The chainsaw sharpener provides a fast, accurate and simple way for chain saw sharpening; It allows the user to sharpen the chain in the process of using saw, which only takes 3-5 seconds from dull to sharper.
Unique Design 
Chain saw sharpening with two holes for fixing the sharpening knife, suitable for 14/16/18/20 inch chain saw work, gently squeeze the end of the guide rod during sharpening,it can be sharp sharpening.

Product description:

The chainsaw sharpener is designed with 2 rivets, one is fixed, the other is adjustable, suitable for 14 to 20 inch two holes chain bar. If your chain bar only has one hole, please remove the inside metal plate firstly by a Phillips head screwdriver, then take out the adjustable rivet. In this case, the sharpener will work fine.
Four steps to use:

1: Open the panel at 90 degree

2: Fix the chainsaw on the two hole of the sharpener

3: Close the safety plate and push the safety buckle

4: Gently press down until it touches the whetstone

Size: 21×14×3.5cm
Material: Plastic + Whetstone

Quantity: 1pc+3pcs stone

Chain Picth: 3/8" Low File

Suit for 14/16/18/20-inch Chainsaw and Petrol Saw

Note: Tighten the holding screw in the lock mechanism when sharpening the chain.

Package Include:(4PCS)

1 X  Chainsaw chain sharpener
3 X  Grinding Stones