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Royal Clik

Paw-shaped Foam Soap Dispenser

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1. Product type: foam pump head

2. diameter of bottle mouth: 40/410 43/410

3. color: white and transparent color are normal colors, and other colors are made according to the color version provided by customers

4. pump out dose: 0.8 ± 0.15g  

5: First pump outlet: < 6 times

6: Press the hand feeling: the speed of spring back and hand synchronization is less than 1.5 seconds

7: tightness: Bottled full (water emulsion) and product locking state. Positive pressure test: in 2.5KG positive pressure bottle body for 1 minutes, or back pressure test: vacuum pressure is not leaked in negative 0.05Mpa/5 minutes.

8: Suction pipe length: length ± 2MM

9: Foam standard: the liquid effect of the pump head is foam, and the foam should be full. Note: for different formulations of liquid, the effect of foam will change.

10: Service life: ≥ 1000 times

11. applicable products: Children's shower foam foam pump, cleansing foam plastic pump, shampoo foam pump head, shaving foam pump head, shower foam foam pump head, hand washing liquid foam pump head, cosmetic foam pump head, plastic foam pump, cosmetic spray pump head, etc.

12. material: PP



100% brand new and high quality

PET material, thick and durable

Sealed, not easy to leak

The bear paw type foam pump allows you to enjoy your hand when you wash your hands, so that children love to wash their hands.

Package Included:

foam pump head*1


Choose 40 / 410 for 200ml, 300ml and 400ml bottles;Choose 43 / 410 for 100ml, 150ml and 500ml bottles.

The product is only a pump head, does not contain bottles.

Due to the differences between different monitors, the image may not reflect the actual color of the item. thank you very much!