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Turbo Lighter Keychain with Sounds

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  • Nickel Black Finish
  • Powerful heating coil for your smoking products
  • 100+ lights on a full charge
  • Emits turbo spool up and blow off valve (BOV) sounds
  • Made from high quality zinc alloy. Rechargeable.


NEW! This is the ultimate lighter for the turbo enthusiast! The Boostnatics rechargeable battery powered Turbo Lighter spins, emits a spool up sound while holding the ON button, and will emit 2 different blow off valve (BOV) sounds when you release the button (OFF)! The electrically heated coil lights your smoking products with ease. Easily recharges and provides 100+ lights on a full charge. Our 2 button design prevents accidental discharge of the lighter for your safety.

To ensure long life and functionality of our Turbo Lighter, please note the following:
- Avoid pressing cigarettes onto the coil with force.
- Hold cigarettes directly above the coil without contact. The heat from the coil with light up your cigarette.
- When not in use, use the included safety cap to cover the coil for further protection and safety.